(Dates may vary)

In Season

June 30


Strawberries are finished for the season.

Sweet Cherries


Blueberries were planted over 60 years ago in a 10-acre bog at our home farm at 72 Maynard. Newer plantings of Bluecrop are added to the older heirloom varieties.




Sweet Corn

Sweet corn has been grown and sold at our fruit stand for decades. We are constantly trying new varieties to find the best one. Sweet corn is picked fresh each morning.


Peaches are a larger crop for us. Excellent soil with higher elevations proved natural great protection for a consistant high quality peach crop. Redhaven, Flamin' Fury, and Steller in different varieties are grown to extend the season.


Versluis Orchards grows a large variety of apples including Honeycrisp, Galas, and  Red Delicious, as well as old fashion varieties such as Northern Spies. All are for sale at our at our fruit stand in any quantity. 

Everything we grow is available in season at our fruit stand located at:


3500 Lake Michigan Drive

Walker, MI 49534